2019 Route to be confirmed closer to the event following consultation with landowners. It is our intention to run the ‘normal’ route along the Derwent Watershed from Cut Gate to Swains Head via Outer Edge trig point as this is in keeping with the history and the spirit of HPM. However, last year permission was refused for this section so we had to implement the change below. Either option is possible for 2019 and information will be sent out as soon as possible.


The route change introduced last year with the new checkpoint  Cartledge Flat (SK 207, 931) will remain.


Checkpoints                                              Grid Ref. (SK- )

Start – Edale Village Hall                                 124 853
1      Hollins Cross (un-manned)                    136 845
2      Lose Hill                                                     153 853
3      Win Hill                                                      187 851
4      Below High Neb                                        227 853
5      Moscar                                                        230 878
6      Cutthroat Bridge                                       214 874
7      Derwent Moor                                           203 880
8     Cartledge Moor  Path Junction               207  931
9     Cut Gate                                                        185 960
10   Outer Edge                                                   179 969
11   Swains Head                                                132 983
12   Bleaklow Stones                                          115 963
13   Bleaklow Wainstones                                 092 959
14   Snake Road Top                                           088 929
15   Mill Hill                                                         061 904
16   East of Edale Cross                                      081 861
17   Rushup Edge                                                112 834
18   Hollins Cross  (un-manned)                      136 845
Finish-  Edale Village Hall                                 124 853

All checkpoints have a Sport-ident station.  The Sport-ident records split times and results but, for safety, all checkpoints except Hollins Cross are also manned and in radio contact with HQ.  We can track your progress and work out whether a team is overdue reaching the next checkpoint.

At each checkpoint :-
1- Dib your Sport-ident tag into the station (it will bleep and flash).
2- AND make your arrival known to the checkpoint team by giving your team number (see start list sent prior to event).

Bad weather route- The route may be changed at anytime, even during the event if weather conditions deteriorate.  We have numerous bad weather alternative routes prepared.  If the weather is extremely serious we may have to cancel at the last minute and will telephone team leaders

Also note the route up Win Hill is via Hope Brink rather through Twitchill Farm-

Win Hill Map