2017- Results and Race Report


After last year’s snow enforced sabbatical it was great to be back in Edale Village Hall on the first Friday in March. The atmosphere pre-High Peak Marathon is quite special as the teams contemplate the task ahead of them. This year that task seemed to include walking on water and although the rain had stopped just before the start, the bogs were full of liquid and ready to swallow something more solid. Continue reading

New Route details

For those who can’t reccy the new route a few clues from my trip up there last Sunday. Red line is me wandering looking for trods, but in the dark you’ll just have to stick to bearings. After 2nd lot of flag stones  leave the main path at larger of 3 cairns ( first 2 very small). There’s a small stone post leaning over just after turn. Reasonable trod here at 312 deg takes you into brook. Follow this but keep on 300 bearing where brook turns north.  Reasonably firm grassy ground  until edge path is reached between High Stones and Margery HillBack Tor- Cut Gate