Event Details

Start and finish procedure-

  • The event centre at Edale Village Hall is open from 7pm
  • Please arrive at least an hour before your given start time.
  • Please remember that the car park is “Pay and Display” and they do check. Bring plenty of change.
  • On arrival register at the desk to confirm your personal details and that you have read these rules and details and therefore understand the nature of the event and the potential risks in participation.
  • You will be given a Sport-ident tag at registration (hire included in entry fee).
  • All competitors will have their kit checked prior to the start. Do not skimp on clothing or equipment!  The list of equipment in the rules is the minimum.
  • Food (sandwiches, flapjack, bananas etc) and hot drinks will be available in the hall before the start and at the Moscar and Snake checkpoints. Do not rely on this though, all competitors are required to carry their own food and drink.
  • At the finish there will be a hot meal (some sort of stew with vegetarian option) available until 4pm on Saturday.
  • The trophies will be presented at about 12pm on Saturday in Edale Village Hall.
  • The event closes at 5pm Saturday.

The HPM is not a organised by a commercial company but by keen outdoor folk like yourself. Its an old fashioned hill walk/ run organised purely for its own sake and for fun by old and new members of the university’s outdoor clubs. It does not aim to make a profit. We really enjoy doing it every year and know so many of you do- long may that continue!


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