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HPM 2020 Cancelled

We are sorry to have to confirm at this late stage that High Peak Marathon will not be going ahead in March as we have been unable to find a suitable route that is acceptable to The National Trust and other landowners.

We are still trying to negotiate but feel that time has run out on us and that we should cancel this year. We have not given up hope for future HPM’s. In addition to Nicky Spinks’s help as FRA Access Officer we have also been given assistance from ecology expert David Broom, for which we are very grateful. David has helped agree routes with landowners for many mountain marathon events in the past and so we are hopeful that with his guidance a route worthy of High Peak Marathon maybe found.

Apologies for the late notice but whilst there was still a chance we felt it worth hanging on. Thank you for bearing with us, will we continue to update you with any news.

We will arrange refund of the entry fee for those that have paid via Si entries. It takes afew days for banks to process the refund so you should have the refund by 7th February.

All the best for your other adventures in 2020 and hope to see you again soon.

2020 Permission Update

In the on-going saga trying to secure landowners permission for HPM we received an email from the National Trust (NT) on Monday (just as the entry confirmations were being sent out). Unfortunately our latest route suggestion has not been accepted

The background is that NT are receiving ever greater numbers of requests for events to use the area. Permission is necessary to cross Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI’s) as there no right of access for organised events. Earlier this year NT updated their website with guidance to help organisers. (

This includes a series of maps showing areas they consider suitable for events at different time of year. Richard has stitched these maps together- please see below. The HPM (which is only just on NT land) falls into the ‘wet’ season (aren’t they all). As you can see there is lot of ‘out of bounds’ on this map. The NT would therefore like us to move into the ‘dry’ season i.e. October. Even then they say we cannot go over Bleaklow area and the summer period is all out of bounds due to bird nesting season.
We were hoping that given HPM is a long-standing and well-respected event, following a historic route, then NT would make an exception for us. It appears not, we are therefore looking at alternative routes possibly using areas out-side the National Trust’s land.
The NT say these maps were produced in consultation with outdoor organisations however we think they can and perhaps should be challenged. We have arranged a meeting with Natural England who police SSSI’s to get their view but not until 13th January.

In the meantime I ask you to bear with us and keep the 6th-7th of March free at least for something!

Hope to be in touch with better news soon

dark peak-wet season.jpg

NT MAP KEY.JPGdark peak-dry season.jpg

2020 Entries Open Now

Entries for HPM on Friday 6th March 2020 are open!

You can enter via SI Entries ( As in previous years entry is open until 30th November. All entries are vetted and if the event is over subscribed (it usually is) then a lottery will be held to determine the successful entries, any remaining entries will be placed on a waiting list.

The cost will be £ 96.00 per team (£ 24.00 per person). Payment is only required once the lottery has taken place, if your team is successful in gaining an entry.

As many of you will be aware permissions from landowners regarding precise route is challenging at the moment. Richard has been working tirelessly on this but we do not have any confirmed information for you at the moment. We endeavour to keep you informed with any news as it is confirmed.

2020 Entries- Coming Soon

The impending end of the British summer and the nights drawing in means only one thing- It’s time to dust off those head torches and start thinking about HPM!

The dates for 2020 are Friday 6th March- Saturday 7th March 

Entries open as usual from 1st November. Entry price TBC when entries open, it is likely to be similar to in previous years.

As we are sure many of you are aware permission for the race was very difficult to get last year and it so far has not been any easier this year. We have applied for the same race route as last year and applied for multi-year permission to hopefully reduce the stress and work each year on this issue. As always, information will be released to all participants as soon as it is available although we cannot promise when this will be.

In the mean time, happy training

2019 Race Report

It was wonderful to be back in Edale village hall on the 1st of March.  Having missed last year and with all the hard work in getting permission, it was with a mixture of pride and relief that we were able to welcome you all to the 2019 HPM.

The media at the moment is talking a lot about ‘strong women’ and HPM this year was full of them! We had the highest number of female teams and the greatest proportion of female competitors in mixed teams. All proving themselves to be strong runners – no gender definition required!

First back in the hall were a team new to HPM ‘Penny Peg Legs’ (all male despite the name) but due to our staggered start they had a nervous time waiting for the pre-race favourites ‘Haggis on Tour’ to arrive. The Haggis’s rushed into the hall with 9 minutes spare to claim victory.  This is the first time a mixed team has won HPM outright.  Another feat for the super-strong  Jasmin Paris  to add to her list!

Very well done to The Penny Peg Legs too, a cracking effort for new competitors. Although they admitted not finding the elusive Grinnah Stones CP we let their position stand since they were a good 40 minutes ahead of the next team.  Apologies to those who spent time and effort finding that checkpoint, our instruction to the marshals hadn’t been specific enough.  Thanks for taking the unexpected diversion in good spirit. Apologies also to the Peg Legs that we don’t award a first ‘all male’ team trophy- perhaps HPM needs to move with the times!

With the fastest mixed team taking the winners prize our magnificent ‘Viking Horns’ trophy went to the next mixed team who proved themselves indeed to be ‘Leaner and Less Moany than 2018’ by sneaking in just under the 11 hour mark. Times in general this year were quick – very quick. Twelve hours has long been thought of as a ‘good time’ for HPM.  This year more than half the field managed to beat that mark and all but six teams were under 13 hours, tremendous efforts by all.

Amongst the seven teams that clocked sub-10 hour times were our two fastest all female teams.  ‘Three Blind Mice and a Farmer’s Wife’ came home in 9:36, followed soon after by ‘Does my Bum look Big in Mist?’. The ‘Mice’ were led by no ordinary ‘Farmers Wife’ in Nicky Spinks, another of our female fell legends. The team name unfortunately proved quite prophetic this year as Majka Kunicka was rendered temporarily sightless over Kinder by a medical phenomena not unknown in the ultra-running world or indeed to the HPM (Phil Cox in 2007).  A frightening experience and they inevitably lost some time but the fact that Majka carried on and with help from her team-mates won the ladies trophy just shows how strong this team of women really were.

Another female fell legend to grace the HPM this year for the first time in many years was Wendy Dodds. Drafted in at late notice Wendy became the female component in super-veteran team ‘Lost Lads and a Lass’.  They got within a whisker of claiming the Veterans Handicap trophy, only to be thwarted in the end by the calendar!  Dave Egan of the Lost Lads celebrated his birthday on the Saturday (2nd March) but we take the age for handicap on the day of race start.  Without the extra 4 minutes this would have given Dave’s team, it was ‘The Sanatogen Pirates’ who were just quick enough on their pegs to take the prize booty.

Our third place veterans team were Bowlands Vets.  Led by our oldest competitor Yiannis Tridimas their handicap was reduced by recruiting a relative youngster (52 year old Mike Bourne) as a last minute replacement.  Yiannis declared this to be his last HPM and although we hear said a lot in Edale (yet folk still come back) we know Yiannis to be a honest man and if it does prove to be his last we thank him for his support over the years.

We should also mention and thank The Rucksack Club- supporters of HPM since its inception and provider of both the Veterans and Ladies trophies.  It was good to see them represented again this year.  Although the team had to be rather coerced by HPM veteran of the Rucksack Club, Geoff Bell (another legend!).  It was great to welcome Geoff and his wife came to the hall, they enjoyed chatting to finishing teams.

Our chief thanks should go to all those who make HPM possible.  This year I have been greatly helped by Matt Harmon, particularly in dealing with the entries and competitor queries.  Also to Nicky Spinks for help and advice to gain the necessary permissions (we’re getting ready for round two!).  Finally and most especially to the students of The University of Sheffield Mountaineering Club.  Their energy and enthusiasm really drive the event and make HPM so special.  Let’s hope we can negotiate the same for next year.

In the meantime wishing everyone happy adventures.


We still have a few items of lost property waiting to be claimed:



Overall winners-‘Haggis on Tour’- Konrad Rawlik, Jasmin Paris, Iain Whiteside, Jim Mann


Runners-up ‘Penny Lane Peglegs’ Lawrence Eccles, David Chetta, Rory Harris, Ken Sutor


Ladies Team Winners- ‘Three Blind Mice and a Farmers Wife’
Megan Wilson, Nicky Spinks, Majka Kunicka, Lisa Watson


Mixed Team Winners ‘Leaner and Less Moany than 2018’
Neil Britton, Mark Children, Jess Richardson, Claire Nance


Veterans Handicap Team Winners- ‘Sanatogen Pirates’
Dave Allen, Jim Paxman, Steve Wathall, Dave Holmes

Results 2019

Thank you everyone for coming today. Hope you all had an amazing time and the experience was worth the wait! We have a few items of lost property, if you left an item in the village hall get in contact and we will attempt to reunite you.

Here are the results for this years event:

We will publish a report over the next couple of weeks once we have all caught up on sleep. Thank you to all marshals and especially to Abel and Abi for coordinating this year. If you have any feedback (good or something to improve) please email

See you all same time next year



Provisional 2019 Start List

See attached file for the provisional start list for HPM 2019:

Provisional Start List- V1

Please note:

  • Teams are in alphabetical order
  • Some of the categories may be incorrect. If you spot any mistakes or want to get in touch use the contact form on this website or send an email to
  • Due to the cancellation last year we have a full start and reserve list

Start times and full event details will be sent out to teams in late January.

Happy Training!

Entries for 2019

After the weather gods decided not to play fair last year, forcing us to cancel the event,  all the entries from last year will carry over to this year. This means that we are not accepting any new entries for this year.

The dates for the 2019 event are Friday 1st March- Saturday 2nd March

Emails have been sent out to all 2018 entrants asking them to confirm their place for 2019. If you haven’t received an email but think you should have get in contact with us at asap and we can sort this out.

A confirmed start list will be published in early December. Event rules/details, start times and route confirmation will be sent out in the new year.

Please get in contact with us via email if you have any problems or queries. Fingers crossed for not such adverse conditions this year!

Route Change

Route information

We are sorry but due to the moorland restoration work we are having to change the route from Cut Gate to Swains Head.  The new route will descend from Cut Gate (SK 185, 960) to a new checkpoint at Slippery Stones (SK 170, 953) and then follow the valley to Swains Head (SK 132, 983).  This is due to Natural England’s instruction to landowners (in this case the National Trust) not allow activities and events where ground restoration work is taking place.

We suggested an alternative route to try and keep to the higher ground via Bull Stones, Crow Stones and the Horse Stone. But this area of moorland is being managed to encourage Hen Harriers to nest and the birds are easily disturbed

The route change introduced last year with the new checkpoint  Cartledge Flat (SK 207, 931) will remain.

Details of your start time and how to order a T-shirt will be sent out soon.

HPM 2nd-3rd March 2018. Team List

The list of teams for 2018 below. Note we also have an official reserve list. We expect most reserves will get to run as inevitably teams drop out.  Sorry if your team wasn’t picked in the lottery.  This year’s entry list and draw was still affected by the year we missed due to snow in 2016. Having carried over all the teams from the 2016 to the 2017 race there were a lot of entrants that haven’t run HPM since 2015 or before. We decided to give those who missed out increased odds (we count by the individual entrants in each team not just the team name). We also had a lot of teams drop out last time and carry over their place. We give the top 3 overall and category winners automatic entry, so there were just 30 places for 62 entered teams to fight over. If you missed out this year you will be given better odds next year.

Starting Team