HPM 2020 Cancelled

We are sorry to have to confirm at this late stage that High Peak Marathon will not be going ahead in March as we have been unable to find a suitable route that is acceptable to The National Trust and other landowners.

We are still trying to negotiate but feel that time has run out on us and that we should cancel this year. We have not given up hope for future HPM’s. In addition to Nicky Spinks’s help as FRA Access Officer we have also been given assistance from ecology expert David Broom, for which we are very grateful. David has helped agree routes with landowners for many mountain marathon events in the past and so we are hopeful that with his guidance a route worthy of High Peak Marathon maybe found.

Apologies for the late notice but whilst there was still a chance we felt it worth hanging on. Thank you for bearing with us, will we continue to update you with any news.

We will arrange refund of the entry fee for those that have paid via Si entries. It takes afew days for banks to process the refund so you should have the refund by 7th February.

All the best for your other adventures in 2020 and hope to see you again soon.

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