2020 Permission Update

In the on-going saga trying to secure landowners permission for HPM we received an email from the National Trust (NT) on Monday (just as the entry confirmations were being sent out). Unfortunately our latest route suggestion has not been accepted

The background is that NT are receiving ever greater numbers of requests for events to use the area. Permission is necessary to cross Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI’s) as there no right of access for organised events. Earlier this year NT updated their website with guidance to help organisers. (https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/kinder-edale-and-the-dark-peak/features/organising-an-outdoor-event-how-to-guide-)

This includes a series of maps showing areas they consider suitable for events at different time of year. Richard has stitched these maps together- please see below. The HPM (which is only just on NT land) falls into the ‘wet’ season (aren’t they all). As you can see there is lot of ‘out of bounds’ on this map. The NT would therefore like us to move into the ‘dry’ season i.e. October. Even then they say we cannot go over Bleaklow area and the summer period is all out of bounds due to bird nesting season.
We were hoping that given HPM is a long-standing and well-respected event, following a historic route, then NT would make an exception for us. It appears not, we are therefore looking at alternative routes possibly using areas out-side the National Trust’s land.
The NT say these maps were produced in consultation with outdoor organisations however we think they can and perhaps should be challenged. We have arranged a meeting with Natural England who police SSSI’s to get their view but not until 13th January.

In the meantime I ask you to bear with us and keep the 6th-7th of March free at least for something!

Hope to be in touch with better news soon

dark peak-wet season.jpg

NT MAP KEY.JPGdark peak-dry season.jpg

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